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I am a tattoo artist from Hungary based in Malta. The main caracteristics of my works are the thin lines and minimalism, but if you think about a big and detailed tattoo that is also not a problem. Usually I design the samples, but if I have to work with fix graphics, I like personalizing it with a little touch of my style. I really enjoy the meetings with my clients, because everyone is different and it is interesting to have a conversation about the reason why they would like to have a tattoo, because everyone has a different reason. It is a great pleasure that I can bring life into the ideas of my guests and it makes me proud and grateful that they will wear them for the rest of their lives.


  • “I was looking for such a creative tattoo artist like Balazs for a long time. From the beginning i felt he was interested in my ideas and he designed my tattoo according to what i imagined, with the implementation of his very own style like minimalist traits. I found in him not only a talented artist, but also a friendly person.”
    Máté M.
  • “The trust is very important between the client and the tattoo artist in professional and personal way as well. The reason why I chose Balázs is that I have seen his graphic designer works and his precise and accurate attitude formerly. I am fully satisfied with him, and his work of art will always have a message about me to the world.”

    István Sz.
  • “My friends recommended me Balázs. Later when I've seen his portfolio I was sure he would be the right tattoo artist to design the elaborated angel wing for me. The tattoo is just as perfect detailed as the drawing was so it is obvious that he will make all of my tattoos in the future. He is extremly precise, reliable and besides, he is also a great company”

    Adrienn B.


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